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The hefty list of facilities and amenities offered at Heritage Homes Marilao will give homeowners the opportunity to pursue the kind of lifestyle that you want. Whether you want a leisure facility or facilities that are designed to improve security, you will find what you need at Heritage Homes Marilao.

The Clubhouse is a standard amenity that is available for the residents to enjoy. This amenity is designed to facilitate socialization and to provide a venue for social activities and gatherings. The multi-purpose hall within the clubhouse can be used by homeowners for birthday parties, reunions, and other kinds of celebration. 

Near the clubhouse, you will also find an 18-meter lap pool. This swimming pool will be a favorite among homeowners especially in the summer time when the weather is hot. You can go to the clubhouse and swimming pool to cool off and unwind. There is no need to find a nearby resort to enjoy this luxury. You can find it right within the premises of the subdivision, which is a huge convenience to the homeowners. The swimming pool will also have shower and changing rooms available nearby. You can therefore easily change when you are done swimming. 

For your children, you can provide them with plenty of opportunities to play outside and mingle with other kids from the community. There are parks and playgrounds provided for them. The parks and playgrounds are just some of the outdoor facilities that are provided to not only provide a place of recreation, but also to bring more open and green spaces to the community. 

In addition to the swimming pool and playground, another important facility provided for the homeowners at Heritage Homes Marilao is a fitness center. You can therefore take advantage of the fitness facilities provided to help you stay fit and in shape. You can use this amenity for free so you can save up on your gym membership fees. A few other facilities and amenities that are provided for homeowners are as follows: BBQ area, gardens, tennis court, nursery room, and a business center. 

While leisure and recreation are important when looking for a community to live in, Heritage Homes Marilao has also made sure that there are adequate security facilities in place too. For example, the subdivision comes with a guard house at the entrance gate. The entire perimeter of the house and lot development is also protected by a perimeter fence to fend off any unauthorized persons access into the subdivision. Meanwhile, there are CCTV cameras in place at key areas within the subdivision. You can therefore sleep soundly knowing that there are facilities that are provided to keep your family secure and safe – day or night. 

Despite being classified as a mid-level house and lot development, Heritage Homes Marilao offers plenty of facilities and amenities for future homeowners to enjoy. At Heritage Homes Marilao, you won’t be forced to choose between leisure and security. The developers have incorporated both types of amenities to elevate your quality of life. 

  • 18 Meter Lap Pool
  • Nursery Room
  • Children's Pool
  • Playground
  • Function Rooms
  • Changing / Shower Room
  • Business Center
  • Fitness Center
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