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Heritage Homes Marilao is Located at Brgy. Loma De Gato, Marilao, Bulacan.

Heritage Homes Marilao, as the name implies, is located within the urban municipality of Marilao in Bulacan province. Even though it is located outside of Metro Manila, it is part of the expansion project, which includes it in the Manila built-up area. Hence, you won’t feel like you are really living too far away from Metro Manila. It is becoming more and more accessible, especially with the improved infrastructure particularly with the roads that lead to Bulacan.

Heritage Homes Marilao is therefore ideally situated, especially for those who want to get away from the stress of city living. You will enjoy the peace and quiet of this environment, which is a big surprise to have retained that atmosphere with the recent developments in Marilao. It is accessible via the North Luzon Expressway so you can save time when traveling to and from Manila. It is also accessible through other major roads and highways in Luzon such as Maycauayan Exit, Valenzuela Exit, Mac Arthur Highway, and Quirino Highway.

You will know when you have reached Marilao in Bulacan as there is a welcome arch to greet you. There are also several other commercial establishments and facilities that are located within the city to facilitate your family’s basic needs. 

Speaking of basic needs, if your family needs to buy supplies for your consumption at home, Heritage Homes Marilao is located within minutes from the Marilao Wet and Dry Public Market. This is the largest public market in the city of Marilao that is available for you to buy food and vegetables from. If you prefer a more convenient way to shop and buy your supplies at home, you have many options to choose from: SM City Marilao, Centro Marilao, Plaza Cecilia, and Sterling Square Mall. 

Another basic need for your family is in terms of health and medical needs. Thankfully, recent advancements in economy in Marilao also mean you will have access to the best medical and health care facilities in the city. If you live in Heritage Homes Marilao, you will have access to the following hospitals or health care facilities: Nazarenus Hospital, Marilao Saint Michael Family Hospital, Santa Clara de Montefalco Hospital, and Marymount Hospital, to name a few. 

In the subject of establishments that cater to your family’s needs, you will also have plenty of good schools to choose from in Marilao. Some of the ones noteworthy of mentioning include Angelican School of Marilao, St. Joseph the Worker Community School, Lias Elementary School, and Heritage Homes Elementary School. 

There are also several government buildings and offices located near Heritage Homes in Marilao, Bulacan. Hence, it is highly convenient for homeowners to get access to government services when they need it. The Municipal Hall of Justice, Loma de Gato Barangay Hall, and police stations are located within minutes away. 

If you are seeking leisure opportunities, there are plenty of tourist attractions near or within Bulacan to choose from: Puning Cave, Verdivia Falls, Pulilan Butterfly Haven, and GK Enchanted Farm. These attractions are suited for family or close friends.

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